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Yes, we can act on your behalf and purchase the property provided you give us a power of attorney (POA).You just need to visit Turkey at least once for fingerprinting and signing documents to complete the passport process. Alternatively the POA can also be issued at any notary in Turkey or at Turkish consulates abroad. In the last case you do not have to travel to Turkey.
We advise you not to buy such property since your sales transaction may not be accepted as an investment and your citizenship application might be denied due to breach of the related law. We audit all properties suitable for Turkish citizenship investment and provide consultancy if all conditions are met for the property of your preference.
You do not need to pay tax to the Turkish Government for your foreign income. You only need to pay tax for the obtained interest from your deposits at a Turkish Bank or for renting out your Turkish property for example. For further taxation details Turkey has double tax treaty agreements with most countries. Please ask your property specialist for details in your specific case.
On the date of your application, the Tapu Office calculates the value of your investment, in accordance with the rate of the Turkish Central Bank on the date of your transfer.
Yes, inheritance tax exists according to Turkish Law. In case of inheritances we work with specialized lawyers.
You may loose your citizenship and residence card. Remember if the main applicant loses his citizenship/residence rights, all family members also lose the rights.
It is valid for three months beginning from the date of issue. It shall be considered applicable until the transaction is completed from the date it is given.
Payment must be by bank transfer only, from the buyer’s personal bank account to the seller’s bank account. The buyer will be required to provide valid bank receipts.
As two people will be owning the property 50% each, the price should be 500,000 USD minimum.
Yes, any type of property is viable. You can get rental income by renting these properties to someone else. The only restriction is you cannot sell for three years. After this period you are free to sell your property at a profit anytime. After 5 years even tax free.
The value of the property registered at the Land Registry cannot be less than the value registered in the appraisal report. And if there is any difference between the two values, the property will be rejected for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

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