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Antalya, the largest city in the province, with over one million inhabitants is the heart of the Turkish Riviera and has become one of the most sought after tourist areas of the Mediterranean. The charming city is full of contrasts. Modern boulevards extend alongside parks with fantastic views of the sea. The picturesque harbor and the narrow, winding streets of the beautiful old town are the center of Antalya. Mosques, whose minarets stretch with cypresses to the sky. Remains of the old city wall and an imposing city gate are ubiquitous witnesses of a historical past. The Museum of Archeology houses outstanding finds from the area. Shops, cafes and restaurants in the winding streets of the old part, the harbor and along the famous palm tree street invite you to stroll. On both sides the city is surrounded by beaches. Konyaalti, a pebble beach with great views of the Taurus mountains in the west and the long Lara beach in the east.


A 42 km long road from Antalya to Kemer leads through a fabulously red colored mountain landscape. This area has been carefully planned to blend into the scenery and is the perfect setting for a wonderful vacation. There is a fully equipped harbor with facilities for a variety of activities. The unspoiled bays and beaches in the south of the city are the dream of every yacht owner. Shopping enthusiasts will enjoy the wonderful abundance of quality souvenirs that can be purchased here. There is a seafront promenade in the northern part of the harbor, accessible directly from the city's cafes and shops, via a wide staircase. The visitor will notice the blue flag of the European Union on this beach. The flag says that this is a particularly clean beach. At Yoruk Theme Park (Nomad), which overlooks a lovely bay, one can watch traditional craftsmen at work. Along the neighboring bay is a place with many sports and entertainment opportunities. The colorful Kemer carnival is held in the spring. Kiziltepe, Göynük (blue flag), Beldibi (blue flag), Camyuva and Tekirova (blue flag) in the south are tourist centers that offer a variety of activities, among others. in cooperation with various holiday villages offer. These blend in beautifully with the natural environment, ie forest, mountains and sea. Of all the valued places in the Kemer region, these are especially popular.


Beldibi is located 20 km south of Kemer and is also a tourist center full of tourist attractions and activities. In the area you can go hiking and do sport fishing or water and mountain sports. It is a pleasure to stroll through the streets and admire the colorful offer of Turkish handicrafts, carpets, leather, copper and silverware. You can also, depending on the mood, stroll on the beach promenade or relax in the shade of the stately palms. The distance to the city centre is about 30 km, to the airport it is about 40 km. Both sites have good transport links.


In front of the imposing panorama of the Taurus Mountains are wide bays with pebble beaches. Spacious, embedded in nature, club and hotel facilities line this stretch of coastline. To Kemer (about 7 km away) there are good transport links. Kuzdere: The distance to the city centre is about four kilometers. Kuzdere lies at the foot of the Taurus mountains and has a very natural beauty. The mountains, which frame the village like a theatre backdrop, provide an interesting alternative in terms of the choice of holiday activities. An ideal area for relaxing trips and hikes in the hot summer months. You can do boat trips and explore the area. Shops for daily needs, banks and schools are nearby. Kemer can be easily reached by bus in about 15 minutes.


Aslanbucak is located in a quiet and scenic location. The beautiful landscape invites tourists for relaxing walks. Shops, schools and leisure activities can be reached in a few minutes. The distance to the city centre is about 3 km. Çamyuva: Approx. 6 km from the centre of Kemer, the Taurus Mountains and the seemingly endless sea form an impressive backdrop. Long pebble beaches determine the image that opens up to the observer. Here, too, some bars, restaurants and small supermarkets have emerged in the past. It should be mentioned that there are small supermarkets and shops all over Turkey. For entertainment and larger purchases however, you take the taxi or the dolmus to Kemer.


Tekoriva is famous for its beautiful, wide, gently sloping beach on this stretch of coast. In front of the beach lie the "Three Islands", a popular destination for divers and yacht tours. Here, too, a few bars and restaurants have emerged in the past. For purchases and the like but here is the same as for Çamyuva. You go by taxi or dolmus to Kemer and do the errands there.


The Beycik holiday region, administratively part of Kemer or Antalya, is a settlement in the exceptionally beautiful region of the Olympus mountains, also known as 'Turkish Switzerland'. It is located about 1.000 metres above the sea level. For this reason, the humidity in the summer months is no more than approx. 30%, so that a pleasant indoor climate is created even without the use of an air conditioning system. This area is particularly suitable for people who prefer a stress- and noise-free holiday environment. Due to the beauty of nature and the untouched forests, Beycik is also recommended for hikers. Strip off your stress with morning and evening walks in the healthy air of the Turkish mountains. Chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, skin diseases such. B. Neurodermatitis and allergies are significantly better for longer stays. From the upper parts of the village you have an overwhelming view of the Mediterranean Sea. The distance to the sea is 2 km as the crow flies or 10 to 15 km by land. Due to the paved roads, the nearest towns are Tekirova 10 km, Kemer 20 km, Kumluca 25 km and Antalya 65 km. The travel times for car use are about 10 minutes to Tekirova, Kumluca and Kemer about 20 minutes Antalya with its modern private and public hospitals and emergency medical care is about 15 minutes away.


Zeniketes thought Olympos so beautiful that he invaded the place and made it his base. Zeniketes was a pirate and that probably happened about 2100 years ago. The pirates are long gone - but the bay has lost none of its beauty. The ruins of the old city are now overgrown - and not easily accessible. On the mountain lie the "burning stones", mysterious fires of the Chimaira, which thousands of years ago showed sailors the way along the coast at night. Two, three fishing boats rock in the clear water, colorful colors shine in the light. Three and a half kilometers of beach, partly sandy, partly gritty, bright, to the next point of the rock. There are some small restaurants, straw umbrellas provide shade. A beach that looks like it was just created. And beyond that, hidden among orange and lemon trees, some farmhouses, a few pensions, plus small restaurants under shady trees, two or three grocery stores and newspapers.


Adrasan - between two islands - the Greeks called the 1500 metre wide bay, which lies deep between two rocky headlands like a big blue lake. The story of Lycians, Greeks and Romans is always here, but there are no ruins in this bay. Adrasan has always been - what it still is today - an almost idyllic and peaceful spot, surrounded by mountains and pine forests and in the spring a paradise for botanists as well as the home of countless birds and frogs. The animals have gotten used to the small guest houses and hotels that are almost directly on the water. And also to the colorful fishing boats, which swing like unreal splashes of color in the water in the last sunlight in the evenings.

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