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TIMONDRO is a multinational real estate firm with three locations spread over two nations. With thousands of houses for sale in the following cities: Girne, Gazimağusa, İskele, Esentepe, Lefkoşa, Lefke, Güzelyurt, Istanbul, Antalya, Belek, and Alanya, we provide the best property possibilities.

Our principles of professionalism, hands-on mentality, transparency, highest service quality, 24/7 availability for our valued clients, and confidentiality serve as the cornerstone of our well-established reputation.

Get Into the TIMONDRO Family to Increase Sales

At TIMONDRO, every one of our agents has received professional training. They ensure that your customers are completely satisfied with their home purchase journey by providing them with guidance in over seven languages. We communicate with potential partners effectively through our Partnership Department. To build trust in our clients, corporate lawyers oversee every real estate transaction.

In addition to property purchases, as a One Stop Agency, we provide a comprehensive array of specialized pre- and post-sales services, including legal advice, property management, rental property, interior design, furniture tours, utility subscriptions, acquiring tax IDs, opening bank accounts, and more.

Our considerable clientele of developers and sellers enables us to negotiate the best deals available. We can secure your revenue as well as ours thanks to our solid legal experience, knowledge, and excellent reputation. Partnering with TIMONDRO offers you significant advantages, enabling you to confidently sell properties directly to customers. Explore all the benefits of becoming a partner with us.

Establishing a cooperative framework with experts in real estate-related domains, including immigration law consultants, is something we are excited about.

Our Guidelines for Forming a Durable Real Estate Alliance in Turkey:

  • Honesty is the best policy!
  • ✅ We should be the sole agency in town.
  • ✅ We accept only viewing tour customers.
  • ✅ We collaborate only with real estate professionals.
  • Top-notch quality assured by German engineering standards
  • Fair profit sharing with a 50/50 commission split
  • Efficient communication and data management with our professional CRM system

Quality Control Passed on German Engineering

At TIMONDRO, we pride ourselves on our rigorous quality control standards, rooted in the excellence of German engineering. Our educated staff, led by our esteemed German CEOs Deniz Parlak and Philipp Förmer, ensures that every aspect of our operations meets the highest standards. Deniz Parlak, who has an impressive background working for PWC as an auditor and tax consultant in both Germany and Turkey, brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Together, our leadership and staff are committed to delivering unparalleled quality and service in the real estate market.

50/50 with Our Partners

We believe in a fair and transparent partnership, offering a 50/50 share on commissions. With TIMONDRO, your leads are registered under your name for life, ensuring that any future business from your clients remains attributed to you. Even if your client refers others, they still remain your client. This guarantees that your efforts and relationships continue to yield benefits for you in the long term.

Client Communication and Data CRM System

At TIMONDRO, we utilize a professional CRM system to save and register partner data meticulously. Communication with clients is also documented in this system, ensuring efficient and organized management of all interactions and information. This robust system helps us maintain high standards of service and ensures that all client and partner interactions are seamlessly recorded and accessible.

If you're interested in partnering with TIMONDRO to start selling directly in two countries, we'd love to hear from you. Please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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