Buying property under current travel restrictions

Viewing tours are important

Under normal circumstances before purchasing a property we recommend on-site visits in which we answer your questions and present alternative options in the market. In the current phase of travel restrictions we developed flexible tools to meet customer preferences and safeguard secure property transactions without physically having to be on site. As a result we are there for you even in the COVID-19 pandemic, making available to customers the best deals in the pandemic the Turkish property market has to offer.

How it works - Start Your Online Viewing Tour

Due to the comprehensive customer focus of the Timondro network we now offer virtual property tours in all locations. Especially in the current correction phase of the Turkish real estate market private customers and investors want to take advantage of best priced opportunities. The right deal at the right time generates great value increases at the short to midterm.

    Together with you we preselect properties [1] that fit your preferences

    By your personalized online viewing tour you can inspect the selected properties

    All your questions will be answered

    After the viewing appointment on site, the property can be viewed again in detail, e.g. to consult together with the family

[1] For easy reference follow current market offers in the following major areas: Antalya, Alanya , Istanbul and Northern cyprus.

For an online viewing tour you should reserve on the respective day 2 to 3 hours depending on the number of properties that you wish to visit and you need to have a stable network coverage. Our sales agents will take you to the preselected properties that best suit your preferences and answer all your questions on site.

Once you have found YOUR property

Once you have found your property the online purchasing process is as follows:

  • Negotiate the final terms with the owner
  • Review and sign the notarized [1] property sales contract
  • Make the agreed deposit
  • Provide a limited power of attorney [2]
  • Appointment at the land registry
  • Receive your title deed

[1] For a detailed guide on why a notary is generally required for purchasing a property please click here.

[2] "Limited" power of attorney means that the person specified by you cannot do anything else but purchase in your name, the specified property at the specified price. After this the limited power of attorney automatically dissolves. You can provide the power of attorney to a lawyer, to any other person you trust or to an employee of the Timondro network. If you are able to come to Turkey for the transfer of the title deed you do not need to provide a (limited) power of attorney.

If you are interested in acquiring the Turkish citizenship by property investment please note that there are a lot of different options available. Contact one of our property specialists today to learn what works best for you. For regulatory details on the Turkish citizenship program by property investment please click here.

Best price guarantee for online sales

Our agents select by continuous inspections of the various districts and with years long experience real estate that offers the best deal in terms of price performance ratio. Before dealing with these properties we conduct price negotiations to lower the sometimes unrealistic expectations of owners, developers and banks. This is the reason why we are able to promote a best price guarantee for properties.

If owners accept the best offer on the market, we will take up the property. This is the basis of the network's best price guarantee. This property cannot be found cheaper.

Why some customers do not want to wait with their purchase? To take a practical example we select the city of Antalya. The property market in Antalya due to its international exposure turns fast - even in Corona times. This is especially true for our most popular properties in good locations (for example Konyaalti, Belek and Dösemealti).

Pre-selection on the Internet

We guarantee our customers as usual with our careful best price pre-selections (services) at our locations the full variety of the market with highest quality standards for individual structures, new constructions and second hand properties. This saves buyers time and enables them to find a beautiful property in a manageable time frame.

We focus on clear communication and prepare potential buyers for the best offers the market has to offer. In a familiar atmosphere, we create an open atmosphere of discussion so that customers can negotiate prices and conditions at eye level. After thorough examination of the preferences and clarification of questions from seriously interested parties, experience has shown that we are able to recommend a specific selection in the interests of our customers.

Online viewing tours

To summarize based on the pre-selection, you can arrange an appointment for a virtual tour with our real estate consultants. We ask you to bring two to three hours of time depending on the number of properties to be viewed and a stable internet or mobile connection. Using Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp or other video call software, we take you on a sightseeing tour in e.g. Istanbul, Antalya, Belek or Alanya to help you find the right property.

To answer any questions you may have or to set up your virtual property tour - Contact us now!

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