Advantages of Selling Your Property Through a Real Estate Company in Turkey

TIMONDRO is the greatest website for selling a property in Turkey. You can contact us if you want to sell your property in Antalya, Belek, Alanya, Istanbul, or Northern Cyprus!

We are the top real estate firm in Turkey. We have several years of expertise in purchasing and selling property since our firm was founded in 2007.

Why do you need a real estate agent to sell your property in Turkey?

Real Estate Selling Benefits

We've performed thousands of property sales with no failures. You will benefit from our company's knowledge in selling your house quickly and without hassles. Our experience ensures the greatest outcomes for both the seller and the buyer.


TIMONDRO is Turkey's greatest online property selling platform. Your home is featured on our real estate websites and leading real estate portals. It will be viewed by anyone looking for a house.

Every day, thousands of people from around the world visit our company's websites. Making your real estate extremely visible to buyers increases your chances of selling your property quickly.


We publish your property in eleven languages. Our expert team of agents speaks over 8 languages. As a result, your home can be purchased by both Turkish and foreign buyers from a variety of nations.


Real estate advertising is a serious business that requires professional skill and experience. Our expert photographer captures property photographs. Our editorial team creates listing descriptions that highlight the best aspects of your property.


You will receive all services at one location:

  • Tailored Marketing: Your home will be recommended to buyers with similar expectations as yours. In addition, our real estate professionals will answer any of your real estate-related questions.
  • If you are unable to accompany all viewing excursions, your keys will be kept safe in our office.
  • Official documentation: Our skilled team will assist you with all official documentation.
  • Viewing Tours: Our professionals will arrange viewing tours of your property.
  • We will screen out non-serious buyers to save you time.

As of February 15, 2019, all overseas real estate sales must include an appraisal report. Our skilled team will determine the true value of your home using genuine market data. We prepare the property appraisal report, which is also required for overseas buyers.


TIMONDRO ensures a safe and straightforward property purchase in Turkey and Northern Cyprus. Our expertise in local real estate laws and commitment to transparency guides you smoothly through every step, offering peace of mind and a stress-free experience. Trust TIMONDRO for a secure investment.


At TIMONDRO, our multicultural team speaks your language, both literally and culturally. With experts from various backgrounds, we offer personalized service that understands your unique needs, making property buying in Turkey and Northern Cyprus not just simple, but also relatable. Trust in our global expertise to turn your local dreams into reality.


TIMONDRO extends its support far beyond the sale. Our after-sales services ensure your seamless transition into property ownership in Turkey and Northern Cyprus. From maintenance to legal aid, we're here to assist with every post-purchase need. Experience peace of mind knowing TIMONDRO is your partner in success, every step of the way.

Quality Promise

Standardized audit criteria Standardized audit criteria Standardized audit criteria
Quality selection of partner companies and owners
Professional property audits
More than 10 years of experience in real estate

We work with selected developers, brokers, banks and owners. With us you can be sure that the purchase of real estate will be as easy as it can be. Timondro is characterized by a consequent pre-selection of the best real estate in Turkey. Timondro customers benefit from our professional network all around Turkey. We always focus on the satisfaction of our customers.

Personal Service

Sound investment advice
Experienced property specialists
Flexible viewing appointments
Unlimited after sales support

Our competence lies in high-quality advice and consultation. We clarify any questions that arise to assure that all information is available and that the transactions are safe when buying a property. Our team takes the time to explain everything you want to know. We incorporate our personal life experience in Turkey into customer consultation. Even after handing over the keys, we will always be available for you.

Market Prices

Daily updated prices
Full cost transparency
Top property offers
No extra service charges

Our specialists guarantee best prices for the offers on our property network. The prices are verified based on actual transactions and without any additional costs. The main driver of property prices are domestic demand and the value of the Turkish Lira. You will receive your property at a market-driven price based on the current conditions of the Turkish economy.


Best priced properties
Up to date real estate portfolio
Property options to satisfy everyone's preferences
Easy search and filter options

We offer a large selection of properties from almost all around Turkey. You will find a wide range from affordable holiday flats to luxurious villas or penthouse apartments. Timondro is the largest European service provider for properties, exlusively in Turkey. Our properties are located in the most popular regions of this beautiful country offering rich history.

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