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  1. Enjoy yourselves on the waterfront.
  2. Walking through bazaars
  3. "Cave of Lovers"
  4. Taking a hike along the Dim Çayı
  5. Riverside dining options in the Dimcay Valley
  6. Visit Sapadere Canyon to cool off
  7. Thrilling jeep safari
  8. Hurried quad safari
  9. A secret location Kargicak Beach

You must stray from the Turkish Riviera's traditional resort areas if you want to take a holiday that involves more than just seeing the typical tourist traps. We'll provide you with insider information on all there is to do in Alanya, from a wild canyon to a fast-paced jeep safari, from a night of partying in the harbor area to a shopping trip in a local market.

Enjoy yourselves on the waterfront.

The bustling Mediterranean city of Alanya serves as the regional capital of the same name. There are more than 300,000 residents living here, plus lots of tourists during the summer. There are many conventional restaurants and bars because the city is designed with tourists in mind.


Get away from the beach and the hotel complexes and head to the harbor if you want to party. While there are many tourist attractions here, the vibrant nightlife also includes hip clubs. However, the party here doesn't get going until after nine. Following that, a large throng gathers and loud music plays till late at night.

Walking through bazaars

Visit one of the bazaars if you want to learn more about Antalya's real character. There are weekly and local farmer's markets in practically every area of Alanya. Fresh produce may be purchased here, along with clothing, purses, and handmade goods.


The biggest market in Alanya is held every Friday on Sinanoglu Street in the ekerhane neighborhood. Every Monday, the Oba district's Hackadroglu Street has the Oba Bazaar, and every Sunday, the Hacet district's Saraclar Street hosts the Hacet Bazaar.

"Cave of Lovers"

The most well-known cave in Alanya is the Damlataş Cave, which is located beneath the castle, but Asiklar Cave, often known as the "Cave of Lovers," is also worth a visit. The cave, which is accessible only by boat, is about 75 meters long and passes entirely through the castle hill's massive granite formation.


At the east cave entrance, a boat may take you there. Particularly cool: you can jump off the 15-meter-high cliff into the water after the visit!

Taking a hike along the Dim Çayı

Take a vacation to Dim 'ay' National Park if you wish to trade the seaside for wildlife. On the eastern suburbs of Alanya, 40 kilometers after its source in the Taurus Mountains, the river that bears its name empties into the Mediterranean Sea.

In the national park, there are lots of options for riverside trekking. Along the trip, you'll pass by a reservoir and the well-known Dim Cave, among other things. The water in the river is extremely cold because it brings meltwater from the mountains, where it originates.

Riverside dining options in the Dimcay Valley

You may find various river restaurants on stilts beside the water in the Dimcay Valley, which is another unique feature. These structures, which are typical of Turkey, were created centuries ago as a means of summer cooling.


The Dim villages, or less than 15 settlements close to the river, are there. Come here to enjoy Turkish specialties while sitting above the river. Weekends are the busiest because so many locals go there as well. During the week, you get more sleep.

Visit Sapadere Canyon to cool off

You can embark on a fantastic journey by traveling to Sapadere Canyon in Sapadere Village, which is only about 40 kilometers from Alanya. "Off the beaten track" is what sapadere means. The valley's final gorge measures 750 meters in length and 400 meters in height.


Along the gorge, a wooden platform has been constructed, and you will pass waterfalls of various sizes and shapes. You can jump into the water from above or down a staircase into the natural pools to cool off. However, use caution because the water is only approximately 10 degrees all year long. If you reserve a guided trip, a stop to see silkworms and banana farms is frequently included.

Thrilling jeep safari

The most well-liked activity in Antalya, a jeep safari, is waiting for you if you're looking for adventure while on vacation. Then a Landrover takes you to the most picturesque locations in the area.

Diverse trips all share the same feature: a quick ride across arid roads, through forests and villages, and to the most breathtaking natural wonders. The drivers of the Land Rovers, experienced experts who have spent years driving in the mountains, whiz by the scene in a line of vehicles.

Hurried quad safari

A quad adventure is an alternative to a jeep safari: Numerous companies in Alanya provide quad safaris. With a tour, you'll be picked up at the hotel and given a quad bike so you can travel the Taurus Mountains.


Then it's off to the untamed slopes into the beautiful wilderness, where enjoyment is always guaranteed. Make sure you wear casual, comfortable clothing. Due to the highway occasionally passing through dirt, water, and dust, driving can get messy.

A secret location Kargicak Beach

Kargicak Beach is located in the far east in the sizable bay of Alanya. The beach is the farthest from the resort, yet it is conveniently reachable by bus or by highway from Alanya's town center. The majority of visitors come from the nearby hotels, however, day visitors also enjoy going to the beach.


The pebbles on Kargicak Beach are small and rounded. Because of this, the water is exceptionally clean and perfect for snorkeling. A smaller portion, however, is made up of sand. Several beach clubs offer food and beverages. Numerous sports are available, including parasailing, banana boating, jet skiing, flyboarding, water skiing, and wakeboarding.

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Insider Tips for Vacation in Alanya - FAQ

Insider Tips for Vacation in Alanya - FAQ

1. What is the best time to visit Alanya?
The best time to visit Alanya is between April and October, when the weather is warm and the sea is calm.
2. What are the must-see places in Alanya?
Alanya Castle, Damlatas Caves, Red Tower, and Kleopatra Beach are must-see places in Alanya.
3. Are there any hidden gems in Alanya that are less touristy?
Yes, there are many hidden gems in Alanya. Some of them include the Alara Castle, the ancient city of Syedra, and the Dim River area.
4. Can you recommend any local cuisines to try?
Definitely, you should try dishes like Tavuk Şiş (chicken skewers), Şiş Köfte (meatballs on skewers), and Lahmacun (Turkish pizza). Also, don't forget to taste the local dessert Dondurma (Turkish ice cream).
5. What are some local customs that tourists should be aware of?
Turkish people value hospitality and politeness. It's also common to remove your shoes when entering someone's home. Additionally, bargaining is a common practice in markets and bazaars.
6. How can I get around in Alanya?
Alanya has a good public transportation system including buses, minibuses (dolmuş), and taxis. Renting a bike or car is also a good option if you want more freedom to explore.


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