Discover Turkey: An Epitome of Enchantment

A short three-hour journey from Western Europe brings you to a realm where ancient magic is palpable in every corner. The delicate dance between the mountains and the sea is a spectacle to be cherished.

Experience the thrill of diving into the shimmering turquoise sea as early as March or April, while the majestic, snow-capped mountains glisten in the sun.

The Land of Sun

Turkey, often referred to as Sunland Anatolia, resembles a captivating horse's head extending from Asia to the Mediterranean. Sheltered bays of pristine waters and expansive sandy beaches, nestled against the powerful mountains, provide a sense of security, whilst enlivening the senses and the soul.

The breathtaking views of the sunrise over the mountains and sunset over the sea horizon present an unforgettable experience for the senses and the psyche.

The magical Turkish night sky evokes the tale of "1001 Nights," inviting you to dream under the glistening Milky Way and take a romantic cosmic stroll. Days here start with vibrance and energy and end with tranquility and peace.

The charm of the Riviera, attracting people worldwide, lies not only in its mild, sunny climate, picturesque nature, vibrant markets, myriad of intriguing aromas and sounds, but also in its warm people, whose hospitality is recognized globally.

Historical Encounters

There are compelling social, historical, and cultural reasons why many Europeans have chosen to settle in Turkey or establish a second home here. Amidst the expansive landscapes of the country, one can stumble upon the rich Christian, Jewish, and Islamic cultural heritages. Those yearning to relive the ancient world of the Ephesians, Miletians or Trojans don't need to search far in Anatolia.

The Bridge

Today, Turkey continues to thrive as a multi-ethnic state with a vibrant mix of cultures and traditions. Here, one can simultaneously witness the old and the new, simplicity and modernity, the East and the West coexisting harmoniously. The country is a bridge not just geographically, but also culturally and socially.

Why Turkey

Merely a three-hour flight from Germany, for instance, Turkey frequently features special offers and discounts for regular travelers. Most places speak German or English, making communication smooth. Quite unexpectedly, you might find yourself engaged in a warm conversation in your native language.

The country's infrastructure is commendable, meeting European standards in many aspects - a comprehensive road network, advanced medical care, swift internet connectivity, extensive mobile networks, efficient administration, and a significant decrease in corruption.

Notably, real estate in Turkey, including some coastal regions, is still reasonably priced. Especially for Western Europeans, the cost of living is remarkably low compared to other Mediterranean countries.

The Turkish Riviera, with its 320 sunny days a year, has become a permanent residence for many people. Numerous Europeans, often seen in cities like Antalya, Alanya, Kas, and Fethiye, have their second homes on the Riviera.

Must-Visit Destinations

Antalya, the province's largest city and home to over a million people, is the beating heart of the Turkish Riviera. This enchanting city, bustling with modern boulevards and parks that offer breathtaking sea views, is brimming with contrasts. The alluring old town, with its narrow, winding streets, hosts the vibrant center of Antalya, filled with mosques, ancient city walls, and an impressive city gate that serve as constant reminders of its historical past. The Museum of Archeology displays remarkable finds from the area. There are plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants to explore in the old town and along the famous palm tree street, with beaches bordering the city on both sides.


A 42-km drive from Antalya to Kemer takes you through a beautifully red-hued mountainous landscape. This meticulously planned area blends seamlessly with the surrounding scenery, offering the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable vacation. The region offers a fully equipped harbor for a plethora of activities. Shopping enthusiasts can indulge in a vast array of quality souvenirs available for purchase.


Beldibi, located 20 km south of Kemer, offers an array of tourist attractions and activities. One can enjoy hiking, sport fishing, and water and mountain sports. You'll be charmed by the vibrant offerings of Turkish handicrafts, leather, copper, and silverware as you stroll through the streets.


Against the imposing backdrop of the Taurus Mountains, Göynük boasts wide bays and pebble beaches. The town offers excellent transport links to Kemer and is an ideal area for relaxing trips and hikes in the hot summer months.


Aslanbucak is situated in a tranquil and picturesque location. The beautiful landscape invites visitors for relaxing walks, with shops, schools, and leisure activities just minutes away.


Tekirova is renowned for its beautiful, wide, gently sloping beach. This beach offers a popular destination for divers and yacht tours, with a few bars and restaurants also emerging over time.


Enveloped in the ethereal beauty of the Olympus Mountains, the Beycik holiday region, often dubbed the 'Turkish Switzerland', welcomes you to an unparalleled retreat. Nestled over 1,000 meters above the sea level, this paradise offers a comfortable climate with summer humidity limited to about 30%, making air conditioning unnecessary. A haven for those seeking tranquility and respite from the noise of daily life, Beycik, with its pristine forests, provides a tranquil backdrop for the adventurous hiker. Let the pure mountain air rejuvenate you on morning and evening strolls as you cast off the burdens of stress. Extended stays have even shown remarkable improvements in conditions like respiratory diseases and skin allergies such as neurodermatitis. The village's elevated parts treat you to breath-taking vistas of the Mediterranean Sea. Accessible by well-paved roads, you are never far from neighboring towns: Tekirova is a swift 10-minute drive away, while Kemer and Kumluca are just 20 minutes away, and bustling Antalya, with its state-of-the-art hospitals and medical facilities, is 15 minutes further.


The timeless allure of Olympos captured the heart of the pirate Zeniketes, who, over 2,000 years ago, made it his stronghold. While the pirates have long sailed away, the beauty of the bay remains untouched. Overgrown ruins whisper tales of the past, and atop the mountains sit the "burning stones" - the eternal fires of Chimaira that once guided seafarers. The bay comes alive with a few rocking fishing boats that sparkle in the sunlight against the clear waters. Unfurling before you is a three-and-a-half kilometer stretch of vibrant beach, its sand shimmering beneath the sun. Quaint eateries provide respite from the sun under straw umbrellas. Beyond the beach, nestled amongst lemon and orange trees, are charming farmhouses and pensions, with small restaurants set under shady trees and a few convenience stores.


Adrasan - cradled between two islands - is a mesmerizing bay, tucked away between rocky headlands, bearing the resemblance of a vast, serene blue lake. A silent witness to the lives of the Lycians, Greeks, and Romans, this bay, though devoid of ruins, speaks volumes about its history. Adrasan remains an idyllic and tranquil spot, its mountains and pine forests making it a botanist's paradise in spring. A thriving habitat for myriad birds and frogs, the bay has gracefully adapted to the presence of small guest houses and hotels along its waters. As the day gives way to evening, the colorful fishing boats bobbing on the water paint a picture as enchanting as a dream.

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