Turkey - A country to fall in love with

Three hours' flight from Western Europe opens a land in which the old gods have saved nothing. The encounter of the mountains with the sea is close enough to touch.

While you can dive into the turquoise-blue sea already from March or April, the snow-capped mountains shine brightly in the sun.

The sun country

The peninsula Turkey, also known as Sunland Anatolia, extends like a beautiful horse's head from Asia to the Mediterranean. The secluded bays with crystal clear waters and wide sandy beaches, protected in the lap of the mighty mountains, evoke a feeling of security and stimulate the senses and the spirit.

Breathtaking moments of sunrise over the mountains and sunset over the ocean horizon are very special moments for the mind and body.

The famous Turkish night sky of 1,000 and one night makes you dream. The glittering Milky Way calls for a romantic walk in the universe. The day can begin with joy and energy and end with peace and quiet.

What distinguishes the Riviera and attracts many people from all over the world is not only the mild, sunny and stable climate, the beautiful nature with its diverse vegetation, the colorful markets and bazaars and the abundance of exciting smells and sounds, but also the friendly people, whose hospitality is known throughout the world.

Historical encounters

There are strong social, historical and cultural reasons from which many Europeans settle in Turkey or found a second home there. In the vastness of the country you literally stumble upon the traces of our Christian, Jewish and Islamic cultural heritage. If you go back further in history and want to experience the ancient world of the Ephesians, the Miletians or the Trojans, then you do not need to look far in Anatolia.

The bridge

Turkey is still today a multi-ethnic state with different cultures and customs. One can experience the old and the new, the simplicity and the modernity, the Orient and the Occident simultaneously and everywhere next to each other. The country is not only geographically, but in many ways a bridge country.

Why Turkey

Turkey is only about three hours flight away from Germany for example; There are often special offers, as well as discounts for frequent flyers. One speaks almost everywhere German or English. Quite unexpectedly, you are suddenly welcomed to Schwäbisch, Bavarian, Kölsch or Hessian and a cordial conversation about your homeland develops.

The country's infrastructure is now good to very good and has reached European standards in some areas - practical examples include good road network, modern medical care, fast internet availability, nationwide mobile networks, relatively efficient administration, strong decline in corruption etc.

Not unimportant! Real estate in Turkey, even in some coastal areas, is still affordable. In particular, living costs are comparatively cheap for Western Europeans and hardly comparable with other Mediterranean countries.

The Turkish Riviera with its 320 sunny days a year has become a permanent home for many people. Innumerable Europeans live in cities such as Antalya, Alanya, Kas and Fethiye. In the markets and cities, one often encounters Germans every day - mostly as a second home - having a home on the Riviera.

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