Purchasing a home in Turkey is the European retirees' energy-saving solution.

Disruptions in supply networks following the global pandemic in 2020 led to an increase in inflation globally. International financial institutions have issued warnings about inflation, which is anticipated to rise daily due to increasing energy and food consumption, including the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

There are growing worries that there will be a lack of natural gas and fuel sources due to the rising costs of energy supplies in Europe, particularly during the forthcoming winter season.

One of the solutions-focused ideas for the energy issue in Europe received a lot of attention in the form of a headline from the German tabloid Bild. According to the news, seniors in Germany should spend the upcoming winter in southern nations like Turkey which have warmer climates and lower costs of living.

In addition to raising fears about a harsh winter if natural gas supplies are reduced, this approach to finding a solution also offers a fantastic chance to invest in real estate in Turkey.

Because of its fantastic surroundings, pleasant climate, and stunning natural beauty, Antalya stands out as the finest place to retire to in the suggestion made in the Bild daily. Cyprus, and Alanya two of the Mediterranean's most well-known tourist destinations, come to mind when considering the standard of living.

Due to the hardships they experience as a result of the energy crisis and inflation, retired European citizens may consider purchasing real estate in Turkey for a permanent residence, as a profitable investment, or to comfortably spend the winter months by taking advantage of Turkey's wonderful climate.


  1. Why is Southern Turkey and Cyprus the best places to spend the winter?
  2. Why Did Bild Newspaper Suggest Antalya as a Winter Vacation Spot for Europeans?
  3. In Southern Turkey, a month's worth of energy costs just 34 euros!

l. Why are Southern Turkey and Cyprus the best places to spend the winter?

The Turkish Riviera runs through the southern city of Antalya. The temperature in this gorgeous Mediterranean city is among the warmest in all of Turkey. With its distinctive natural beauty, healthy atmosphere, ancient towns that were inhabited by the greatest civilizations thousands of years ago, crystal clear sea, and sandy beaches, the city provides luxury and comfort all at once.

Cyprus belongs to the warmest zones of the Mediterranean Sea. North Cyprus holidays offer a Mediterranean climate with crystal clear sea, hot dry summers, and mild winters making it an ideal holiday destination for couples, families, and single travelers. The island is a favorite vacation place for all sun lovers because Cyprus has approximately 320 sunny days a year.

Here are several factors that make Southern Turkey and Cyprus the best places to live in, particularly during the winter:

  • There are around 300 sunny days in Southern Turkey and Cyprus each year.
  • For the past 30 years, Antalya's annual average temperature has been 18.8 degrees, according to an index created by the General Directorate of Meteorology under the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change of the Republic of Turkey.
  • One of the cities with busy tourism all year round in Southern Turkey. For at least nine months of the year, swimmers can access the Mediterranean Sea from the city's coastlines.
  • In Southern Turkey and Cyprus, the water is an average of 21.5 degrees throughout the year. The sea's temperature never drops below 16 degrees during the winter.
  • The city of Antalya experiences long, hot summers and pleasant winters. The city's residents are never exposed to the harsh winter weather.
  • Because of Southern Turkey and Cyprus's pleasant climate, it is not essential to use a central heating system or natural gas throughout the winter. Locals typically use air conditioners to heat their houses for an average of two months each year during the brief, moderate winter season.

An analysis of Antalya's climate statistics from 1930 to 2021

Antalya October November December January February March April
Average Temperature (°C) 20.6 15.5 11.6 10.0 10.7 12.9 16.4
Average Highest Temperature (°C) 26.6 21.3 16.7 14.9 15.6 18.0 21.4
Average Lowest Temperature (°C) 15.3 10.8 7.6 6.0 6.4 8.1 11.2
Average Sunny Hours 7.9 6.3 4.9 5.1 5.8 6.7 8.0
Highest Temperature (°C) 38.7 33.0 25.4 23.9 26.7 28.6 36.4
Lowest Temperature (°C) 4.9 0.0 -1.9 -4.3 -4.6 -1.6 1.4

Il. Why Did Bild Newspaper Suggest Antalya as a Winter Vacation Spot for Europeans?

The Turkish city of Antalya has a low cost of living. Antalya was ranked as the second best place for German nationals to live after retirement in a study by the German news site that compared 575 cities.

Antalya is a top choice for Europeans whose quality of life is impacted by the rise in energy bills as a result of the Russian energy crisis due to its low cost of living.

For instance, as a result of the problems with the supply of gas and heating oil, heating expenses per capita in Germany has more than doubled. The General Association of the German Housing Industry (Gesamtverbands der Deutschen Wohnungswirtschaft (GdW)) has updated its figures to highlight how dire the situation has become.

These calculations show that rises in energy prices will result in higher expenses of between 1,000 and 2,700 euros per year for a home with one person and between 1,400 and 3,800 euros for a household with two people.

According to information from multiple energy providers and GdW research, price hikes for all energy sources are projected to vary from 71% to roughly 200%, which highlights the severity of the problem. The burden on all German homes will be enormous. Such additional payments won't be feasible for residents with lesser salaries.

According to, the potential costs might be as follows:

  • Costs for a household of one can reach 344 euros per month. This amount represents a +229 € increase over the prior year. Up to 2,749 € in extra expenses are brought about by it in 2022.
  • A household of two can spend up to 476 euros a month. In comparison to last year, this sum is +317 euros higher. It incurs additional expenses of up to 3,799 euros annually.
  • A household of three should expect monthly energy bills of up to 579 euros. This amount represents a +385 € increase over the prior year. It incurs extra expenses of up to 4,624 Euros annually.
  • A household of four can spend up to 635 euros a month. This figure represents a +422 € increase over the prior year. In 2022, it might result in increased expenses of up to 5,074 Euros.

III. In Southern Turkey, a month's worth of energy costs just 34 euros!

Sadly, these figures paint a bleak picture of the impending winter season in Europe. Germany and the rest of Europe's governments, lawmakers, and non-governmental groups are attempting to address the rising energy cost.

It is evident that a speedy solution could not be available any time soon. On the other hand, southern Turkish cities like Antalya, Cyprus, Alanya and Bodrum provide access to a better quality of life in terms of cost of living and access to energy. Nearly all families, particularly in Antalya, get the majority of their energy, including heat, from electricity.

The study done by well known real estate agency on the cost of electricity for residents of Antalya painted an intriguing picture. The most significant institution in Turkey in this regard, the Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO), reported that an average family of four uses 230 kWh of electricity per month under normal living circumstances. An average of 300 kWh is anticipated because extra electricity is frequently needed for heating in Antalya.

The price of 1 kWh of electricity in Antalya is set to be 2.06 TL as of September 1, 2022. This demonstrates that a household's monthly electricity bill in Antalya equals roughly 618 TL.

Among all of a household's energy requirements, the cost of heating is also included. In other words, Europeans who want to reside in Antalya can meet all of their energy requirements by making a monthly payment of just 34 €.

As a result of Turkey's affordable cost of living, Europeans can purchase real estate in Turkey with the money they save by reducing their energy expenses at home. By investing in a real estate in Antalya, real estate in Alanya, or real estate in Cyprus they can enter a tranquil and holiday-like existence this winter rather than battling the weight of global economic and geopolitical issues.

For those seeking a tranquil lifestyle, a profitable real estate investment with reasonable pricing, and their ideal home in the sun, Antalya and Cyprus are the Mediterranean pearls.

The Minister of Interior, Suleiman Soylu, said at the time: “The percentage of foreigners who can reside in neighborhoods will be reduced from 25 percent to 20 percent, starting from next July.” He added that, accordingly, "1,200 neighborhoods will be closed to requests for residency."
In recent weeks, Turkish cities, especially the main ones, such as Istanbul and Ankara, have witnessed an extensive security campaign against “illegal immigrants,” as the procedures include Syrian refugees who reside in states other than the state in which they are registered.


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