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You can get information about your latest application status from the Ministry of Interior official website by entering your file number or identity information over the internet.
It usually takes around 1 – 2 months to obtain Turkish citizenships provided that all the required documentation is ready and duly compiled.
The three-year limitation period starts to count from the date of the application for Turkish citizenship.
The ministry verifies that the value declared on the title deed is correct and above 250,000 USD, with sworn appraisers. All the property value must be paid by bank transfer to the Property Seller and not in cash. The payments need to be verifiable by a third party at any given time.
We recommended opening a bank account in your name to avoid delays in payments coming from abroad and to facilitate automatic payments to tax authorities, utility and telecommunication companies for example.
Yes, you can get a residence permit in Turkey for you and your family members for the intermediary period.
The Turkish government studies the files for each investor separately, and based on the security study of the file, the decision to grant citizenship is taken independently for each application.
The transaction costs when buying property consist of fees for a broker, notary fees, translation of identification documents and real estate transfer tax. Most of the prices on Timondro are end prices and they have no brokerage fee that need to be paid. For all costs you can calculate an average total of 5% of the sales price (the largest part of the 5% is the real estate tax which amounts to 4%).
Your wife (or husband) and your children who are under the age of 18 (on the application date).
Yes, you can buy property without any restriction. But even for foreigners many restrictions in the past have been loosened. They alomost never effect purchase decisions.
The Turkish language is not required to obtain citizenship.
If you are able to prove that you did you military service in your home country before or if you are more than 22 years old on the day that you gained Turkish citizenship, you do not have to do military service in Turkey.
When you purchase at least a 250,000 USD property, you can apply to Turkish citizenship with a required document certifying the applicant’s statelessness (travel document issued by the United Nations).
No. You do not have to live in Turkey to obtain the Turkish citizenship.
Yes, you will be given equal rights like all Turkish citizens including the right to vote and holding government offices.
There are 70 countries that you can currently travel to visa-free with a Turkish passport. These include Japan, Singapore as well as other key countries in South America, Asia, and Africa. For a complete list click here.
Yes. If you send your power of attorney to a lawyer or someone you trust in Turkey, your proxy can follow the process on your behalf. In this way, you will complete the purchase and Turkish nationality process even without visiting Turkey.

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